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An Eagle in the Pines Private Cabin
Pet Guests

Pets are welcome, but please call 760-803-1713 to discuss our policies.
It is a privilege to share the home and property with you and your pets! You are 100% responsible for the safety of your pet and the care and maintenance of the home while you stay. Although there is a small fenced dog run, the remainder of the property is not fenced.

  • A $50 Pet Fee will be added to your stay. 2 Pets Maximum Allowed.
  • A $300 Refundable House Deposit is required upon arrival to cover any damage to the home and property.
  • Your Deposit will be Forfeited should there be ANY evidence of Damage to the Home or Property.  Pet Hair is to be expected in the home, but please, no pets on the Furniture and Bedding.  Muddy Paw Prints on Carpets, and/or evidence of Urine or “Pet Accidents” in the home after your stay will result in the loss of your House Deposit. We maintain a firm stance on these policies.
  • Your pet is NEVER to be left in the home or on the property unattended, unless crated indoors. Not only is it unsafe, your pets are not comfortable being left behind. They tend to become upset when you leave, and it is when destruction to the home typically takes place. Please be most respectful of this policy for the safety and concern for your pets.
  • Absolutely, No pets on the furniture or bedding at any time. Any evidence will result in the loss of your House Deposit.
  • You are responsible monetarily above the $300 Deposit for any damage done to the home and property and/or excessive cleaning that has to take place due to your pet.
  • All pet waste must be collected and disposed of in the outside trash can.

"We love to travel with our goldens and are happy to share the experience with you as well. 
Please be a responsible pet owner."


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